Work & Influences ~

My primary teacher of yoga is renowned scholar Dr Douglas Brooks. I’m a Moderator on his wildly interesting online courses of tantric study Srividyalaya. Join us there for more engaging convesation and study.

I am so proud to work with such an amazing community of teachers at Virayoga in Soho, NYC. I warmly recommend that you come visit and take classes with me and the great staff of teachers curated by the incomparable Elena Brower. I’m also now teaching in DUMBO overlooking the river and downtown Manhattan at Abhaya Yoga. Come visit me in class.

Body Mind Heart ~

Kay Dougherty is a Shaman of the Peruvian Andean tradition. Kay has not only helped me to forge a profoundly intimate relationship with mother nature (not an easy feat for a die hard Manhattanite) she has also healed me and my family with so much love. I respect her work enormously. When I look back over my many years of yoga and commitment to a spiritual path, I recognize countless times when my personal healing sessions with Kay brought me forward with so much grace. Kay and I lead Shamanic events together locally and in Peru.

Natasha Blank is a healer, mystic, DJ, dancer and much more. Her Get Your Dance On : Yoga Sessions is the bomb and I’m ecstatic to be not only dancing with her but also collaborating with this powerhouse more and more. Join us upstate in September 2013 for a full tilt yoga dance party weekend. And join her mailing list ASAP to learn where you shoul be shakin’ your groove thang this week.

Artistry & Expression & More

If you’ve never been to her eponymous store on Crosby Street, you are missing out on a rarefied shopping adventure with Michele Varian.

Kia Pedersen is a wonderful printmaker who’s also hosting my Vision Quest (among other yoga-related events) at her evocative Salon on the Upper West Side.

Maria Katzman is a wildly talented painter. I’m especially fond of her family portraits.

Kate Temple is an artist whose works are a meditation on color.

Check out this mantra album by Brad Roberts of the Crash Test Dummies. I wrote the liner notes. It’s awesome. Part 2 is in the works.